Heating by induction

Heating by induction:

He heating by induction is used to heat materials drivers, normally to reach a State plastic that allow your stamping forging or bent. The induction offers an attractive combination of speed, consistency, control and efficiency energy.
When an alternating current is applied to the primary of a transformer, an electromagnetic field is generated. According to Faraday's law, if the secondary of the transformer is placed within the magnetic field, an electric current is induced.


Them current of Eddy flow against the resistivity electric of the metal, generating a heat located and precise without any contact direct between the piece and the inductor. This warming occurs with magnetic and non-magnetic parts, and is often referred to as "Joule effect" referring to the first law of Joule (scientific formula that expresses the relationship between heat produced and running electricity through a conductor).

Qualities of the heating by induction:

The induction is fast: the heat is generated direct e instantly in the piece., not is necessary Preheat. The induction heating process is carried out next to the machine of hot deformation, without losses due to transportation.
Efficiency energy
It is a process that is efficient from the energy point of view. Convert up to 90% of the energy consumed in useful heat.
As it put up and stop are instant, the losses of heat in stand-by is reduced to minimum.
Control and automation of the process
The induction heating eliminates the inconsistencies and quality problems that occur with flame, torch or other methods. A time the system is calibrated and running, not there is place to those deviations.
The speed of temperature rise can be set in each case.
Quality of the product
With induction, the treated part never comes in direct contact with a flame or other heat element. As result, the rates of roll stick of the product, the distortion and the rejection is reduced to the minimum.
The control of the temperature guarantees keep the structure and composition of the material.