Deep drawing


Drawing is a process of forming by which transforms flat metal sheet in a hollow body adapted to the form defined by the array of useful, through the pressure exerted by the media (usually hydraulic). It is a process of sheet metal forming by plastic deformation in the course which veneer simultaneously undergoes transformations by stretched and stressed. General maintains the thickness.



. Usually is measured the degree of drawing expressing the height flush in diameters. Deep drawing is considered when we stuff a height equal to or greater than its diameter cylinders.


In the case of deep pressing are usually used to process in several steps using, if necessary, depressed by reducing rings (see video). Sometimes the degree of deformation reached could get to do an intermediate annealing is necessary to relieve tensions. In pressing of several stages it can produce variations in the thickness of the material by stretch.

Simple and familiar examples of inlaid piece would be housings oil, bulbs for luminaires, cups, containers, fire fighting tanks and pressure tanks or empty (in this case formed by two welded drawn parts)...

Sheet metal drawing is the most suitable process for the production using thin sheet of parts with complex surfaces and highly demanding dimensional requirements, replacing successfully parts traditionally manufactured by casting and machining, like sumps and rocker covers. The use of high tensile metal sheet allows as well the production of structural parts of high responsibility and big stresses.

In certain cases it may be done hot stamping (tempered plate) to avoid tensions remaining.