Steel sheet parts

Each time is more frequent recourse to parts made in sheet metal for solve designs in which is requires resistance, low weight, good repeatability, high stability dimensional, possibility of mounting by welding, stability to high temperatures and other many qualities.

Is usual for the manufacturing of parts in series, through tooling, made in sheet of steel, steel stainless, aluminum and other metals.

For our production hydraulic and mechanical presses are used., equipped of equipment specific. Family and simple examples of sheet metal part would be Carters suspension arms, oil, objects of adornment and decoration, fire fighting, structural elements (in this case formed by two welded drawn parts), kitchen...

Steel sheet It is the ideal process for manufacturing thin sheet of parts with complex surfaces and demanding dimensional, replacing successfully to parts traditionally made by casting and machining, such as housings and rocker covers. The use of high-strength sheet allows the manufacture of structural parts of high responsibility and large applications.

Also notching operations, using snub, swaging, calibrated, folded (2D and 3D), LASER-cut, cut by water jet or plasma.