Micro-light sheet stamping

On this occasion we want to share a work of cutting and stamping of high difficulty and magnificent result.

This is a project carried out to METALIA FENCES and, in particular, for its brandTRENZA METAL. They are aluminum sheets, in 1.5mm thick.

The effect sought is to achieve a "basketry" appearance with 100% "visual" closure but allowing air to pass, for ventilation and to avoid the sail effect that would increase forces in case of wind.

Manufacturing must be modular, to allow the manufacture of sheets of different sizes and to reduce the investment required in tooling.

The main problem was the enormous cutting length attached to the sparse uncut area, which determines the need for a clean cut, without burrs or grips. This difficulty is aggravated by the fact that the stamping is up and down, forcing a meticulous study of cutting clearances and an exhaustive control in the manufacture and assembly of the tooling.

We advise the visit to METAL BRAID to view applications and installation examples.