Stamping of metal sheet

This is the process done at ambient temperature where metal sheet is moulded to a shape, determined by a tool or die, by cutting and folding with mechanical or hydraulic presses. During the process the metal sheet must not modify its thickness. In this concept we include as well other tasks as punching, folding, fine cutting…

Stamping allows to obtain parts with high levels of precision and repeatability making it a profitable alternative even for small and medium series of production. The use of high strength metal plate is very suitable for the production of structural parts of strong responsibility and big dynamic requests.

Using welding as a complement (spot welding, CO2,…) it is possible to build up high quality and resistant structures like casings, household appliances, brackets, oil seal-holder covers…

  • Cutting and punching. It is a process implemented in quick presses (usually mechanical) in which gets you high repeatability and good quality with speed of execution.
  • Bent. It is an alternative to folding getting good dimensional tolerances in geometries that can become complex, with good repeatability.
  • fine cut. It is a particular cutting process that, through the use of specific presses and tools, achieves extraordinary cutting qualities. It is an alternative to machining for low thicknesses and high series.