Heating by induction

Is a process by which is get the heating of objects metal (especially ferrous), of form localized.

The induction heating occurs through variations in the molecular magnetic orientation caused by magnetic fields of alternating polarization at high frequency. These induced fields are produced for circulation in coils of electrical currents of high frequency and intensity, produced in a special generator.

It is a process that allows a very precise control both in what regards the temperature and the depth of the heated layer.
The use of specific coils also allows to control the heated area. Heat transmitted by driving in nearby areas can be a very fast is not significant.

Induction heating is used in processes of forging, die-cut and bent hot. It allows to fold material whose hardness and lack of elasticity would not allow its transformation into cold.

In our facilities we have a 50 Kw to 10 KHz induction generator, as well as the media and technology to develop and manufacture coils for specific uses.