The press is a machine capable of delivering very high amounts of energy (strength x travel) under control. They may be classified, in what concerns energy delivery, as mechanical or hydraulic presses.

  • Mechanical presses. Consist of an electric engine in charge of turning a flywheel that acts as an energy store. The energy is handed over to the moving part of the press (bed) using a clutch or coupling. The delivery of energy is fast and complete, using in every stroke a fraction of the total energy stored. They are used for cutting, stamping, forging and small moulding jobs.
  • Hydraulic presses. They are based in the known Pascal principle, being fed by a big diametre piston with small flow and achieving as a result very high forces. The delivery of energy is always controlled both in strength and speed and therefore the process is always under control. They are used for deep drawing and highly demanding processes as wedging.