Is called so to all them processes of union of metals that is made by fusion located of them parties to join. Can be with and without contribution of material to them parts together, and can be the material of contribution of equal or different type to these. All these systems have reached a high grade of technology that leads to the achievement of unions guaranteed, durable and with high index of repeatability in its quality. According to the way of producing fusion they are grouped into three categories:

  • Welding: He is performed using the flame of a torch melting solder on junction, and can melt also this area of parts to join. Solder can be from the same parts to metal rod with high content of silver (low melting point) used in the welding of thin sheets, sensitive areas or pieces of different metals.
  • Arc welding: The Foundry is produces to the cause an arc voltage of high intensity and low voltage between the area to join and an electrode. You can be with contribution of material in which case either electrode is going by fusing and adding to the welded area or using electrodes of metals of high melting point (TIG) and contribution of material on rods, or without input from the atmosphere of inert gases (TIG) material.
  • Welding by resistance: Consists of compressing a small area of two fine sheets by means of two electrodes that is passed an electric current through controlled parameters which gets melting junction enters both sheets at the point of pressure of the electrodes.
  • LASER welding: Fundamentally it is a weld without contribution of material, high accuracy and excellent finish and quality. Allows welding in three dimensions.